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Privacy Policy


Privacy policy sets out the rules for the collection, processing and use of personal data collected by the online shop Karate-Outfit, operating at, run by Karate Outfit Piotr Szeligowski, Burggraben 16, 9000 St.Gallen, Switzerland

Online shop K-O, in accordance to the requirements of the law, register and collect personal data in secured personal customer's database.


Each user of online shop K-O has the ability to choose to what extent we can use personal information to provide our services. If for some reason you do not wish to share your personal data then you have the right to remove your data and not to use the online shop K-O.


By placing an order, the customer knowingly agrees to the processing and use of personal data in order to perform the contract, as well as to handle possible complaints, and to get future purchases. Logging on to the system, you consent to the processing of data for marketing purposes only by Karate Outfit Piotr Szeligowski company. Shop Online K-O in the registration process, login, make purchases and consignment collects the following personal information:

- Name and surname - when ordering please state your name so we can send the goods you have ordered.

- Registered address (correspondence) - we need to ship the ordered goods.

- E-mail address - via an Internet e-mail we send an order confirmation. If you have been a subscriber to our newsletter we will send you information about new products and our blog information.

- Phone number - sometimes we call to confirm the order, or in case of unexpected events, such as the lack of goods in a warehouse or other random events on which we have no control.

- IP Address - information used by the server administrator for technical purposes. IP addresses can also be used for statistical purposes, for example to collect non personal internet traffic, statistics or demographic information.

- Cookies - shop K-O utilizes cookies in order to adapt the service to optomal individual needs. Confirming cookies, you can visit the online shop next time witout entering credentials. The owners of other sites do not have access to this data. If you do not agree to share cookies please disable the use of cookies in your web browser options.

Online Shop K-O does not store any sensitive data, such as your credit card number or data access to your bank account. These sensitive data are needed to complete transaction and are processed by payment provider or bank.


This policy applies to cookies are used on pages Online Shop K-O, which is owned by Piotr Szeligowski conducting business under the name "Karate Outfit Piotr Szeligowski", Burggraben 16, 9000 St.Gallen, Switzerland e-mail:, phone number: +41 79 367 83 35.

4.1. What cookies are?

HTTP cookies are small pieces of information in the form of text files sent by the server and stored on the visitor's side of the shop page (eg on your hard drive, laptop, or on smartphone memory card - depending on what device you are visiting our shop). Detailed information on cookies can be found, inter alia, here:

4.2. How we use cookies?

Cookies are an especially useful and safe tool that helps you to view web pages of our shop according to your preferences using optimal shop functionality. Cookies are used by our shop.

We use the cookies for following purposes:

- to identify and show the user as logged in the shop;

- to store goods added to the basket and to place an order;

- to store data from the filled order forms, surveys or login to the shop;

- to adapt the content of online shop to individual user preferences (eg regarding color, font size, page layout), and optimize the use of the shop;

- to provide anonymous statistics without personal identification of the user.

4.3. Types of cookies

By visiting our Online Shop, you may encounter the following types of cookies:

- Permanent and temporary - depending on the time that they are stored on the hard drive of your computer, laptop or smartphone on the memory card you are using by visiting our online shop. Temporary files are cookies that are stored for a relatively short period of time - are deleted when you log off from our shop, you leave the online shop page or you close your web browser. Temporary files are also often referred to "session files". Permanent files are cookies that usually are stored for a longer period of time than the temporary files and can be manually removerd from browser history.

- Internal and external - depending on whether the file Cookies come directly from our online shop, or from a third party via online shop (eg advertising ara in the shop or Google Analytics). In that case, we recommend you also to read the Cookies policy or privacy policy of the third party.

Information on whether the file is permanent or temporary, internal or external, as well as term of storage can also be obtained using the appropriate options on your own web browser.

4.4. Cookies management

By default, most web browsers available on the market accept cookies being saved. However, entreing our online shop K-O you may be asked to accept cookies. You have the ability to determine the use of cookies by setting your own web browser. It means that you can, for example, limit or completely disable to store cookies on your computer. Tt may affect some functions of online shop (for example, to fill out the contact form). Settings of your web browser regarding cookies are essential to use cookies by our shop - it may also be expressed through the settings of your browser. Detailed information how to change the settings for cookies are available in the help section on following browser:

- Chrome

- Firefox

- Internet Explorer

- Opera

- Safari


Personal data are placed in a secured database of online shop K-O, which is not available to unauthorized persons in any accesible way. The purpose of processing of personal data by shop K-O is to perform the contract and to inform customers about company action and products.

In order to complete your order we have to share your data to the following:

- Delivery service which will deliver the ordered product to the address you specify.

- Swiss Post, which will provide the ordered product to the address you specify.

- The operators of payment systems.

In such cases, the amount of transferred data is limited to the minimum required, and it is only used to complete your order from our shop. These data are not processed or used for any other purposes.

Personal data sharing policy may be only disclosed on the confirmed request from competent authorities (police, prosecutor's office, the Board of Customs, Inland Tax Office, etc).


Every person who entrusts us by sharing personal data is entitled to review them, to correct, to amend, to update and change or to remove on request. For this purpose, please contact us via e-mail address: and send relevant letter as attachment.

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