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Return Policy

Product return, refund and exchange policy

We make a strong effort to avoid such situations. We would like our customer satisfied with our product and services. But if our product is obviously damaged, for example - damaged during the transport, or have a factory defect, which was not detected befere sending, product is missing some elements or some factory defect or ripping seams, it is subject to the complaint. If, however, t-shirt size is wrong, or color differs slightly from what you see on the picture (eg, due to incorrectly calibrated monitor) is no longer a basis for the complaint.

This does not mean, however, that you are not entitled to get a refund or exchange the product. You may do so up to 10 days from the date of delivery, without giving any reason. However remember, product can not be used (read more on this in „returns”). If your complaint is considered right, we will refund your money along with the cost of shipping. Of course, instead of money, you can also receive from us a different product which can cover the price you have paid. In such cases, the decision is yours.

The basis of the complaint is to attach the product’s proof of purchase and to fill in the complaint form (please use our CONTACT FORM). To get more information, please read more about our terms of service and delivery.

The address to which you should send your product:

Karate Outfit Piotr Szeligowski, Burggraben 16, 9000 St.Gallen, Switzerland _______________________________________________________________


Remember, you have the right to return the purchased goods within 10 days from the date of delivery. However, the returned goods can not be used by you.

We accept returns if:

The Products are unwashed and not used in any way

The product is in its original, undamaged packing (a carefully opened package will not be considered damaged)

All tags and labels are attached

You are allowed to try garment, etc. on for fit, unless we have indicated otherwise (but you cannot wear them)

The product is complete (e.g. both items of a pair must be returned)

You have kept your proof of postage - in case the return is lost in transit.

What can cause lack of acceptable return?

1. Lack of purchase confirmation as proof of purchase in our store. Without this document, returns will not be considered in your favor.

2. There are no labels and tags. Do not remove the tags before trying on. Product with missing or damaged tag is considered as used and no refund will be possible.

3. Traces of use on the returned product. Remember, we examine returned products very carefully. The basis for reimbursement is intact state. If the returned product is soiled or bears other signs of use, reimbursement will not be possible, and the product will be sent to you at your expense.

Before you decide to return the product, please contact us. Write us an email ( or call (+41 79 367 83 35), what is the reason for your decision. We are here to serve you the best product we can and deliver our best to your satisfaction as a customer. For more details, please read more about our terms of service and delivery section.

Address to which you have to send the returned product:

Karate Outfit Piotr Szeligowski, Burggraben 16, 9000 St.Gallen, Switzerland _______________________________________________________________


If after receiving our shipment turns out that the product was purchased in the wrong size (mismatched) or in a different color, you can return and exchange the product. Unfortunately, the cost of re-sending the product to us in the exchange process is covered by the purchaser. The product replacement form must be accompanied with proof of purchase. To cover the cost of products sending, we use services of Swiss Post. More about the conditions for the exchange please, read our terms of services text. Please, contact us by email or by phone before.

The address to which you should send a product to be exchanged:

Karate Outfit Piotr Szeligowski, Burggraben 16, 9000 St.Gallen, Switzerland

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