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Safe shopping

Standard at the highest level!

In our shop we use an SSL certificate to ensure that your purchases are secured. The symbol of "lock" appears, inter alia, during the order process, ensures that the data is transmitted in an encrypted manner, and in compliance with the highest safety standards. SSL certificate is confirmed by certified letter and is assigned to the domain

What is an SSL certificate?

An SSL certificate is a tool to ensure the protection of the website. Full security is a result of the use of encrypted communications between our shop and your computer. Certification protects against attempts at extortion data and other information, based on which an unauthorized person could make unauthorized financial transactions. To protect your data, and the entire order process we use 256-bit encryption keys.

What we protect?

All sites in our shop, where data is exchanged between your computer and the online shop Karate-Outfit, are protected.

We protect the following sites:

• registration and log on to our shop,

• basket and the whole process of ordering,

• transactions carried out through the Internet payment system PayPal. To learn more about safety, see the page of PayPal.

How to check if your data transfer is protected?

The easiest way to check whether an SSL certificate to protect your data is used is to observe our web address. To check this, click on the "login", "register" or "go to cart" and look at whether the address has a padlock symbol. If you can see it and the address of the connection is preceded by https://, you can be sure that the data entered by you are fully encrypted and secured.

In some cases, the padlock symbol may not be visible at first glance (it depends on the type of browser you use). To see if the entered data is encrypted click (address bar) in the area before the address begins with https:// protocol When you click to open a window with the "more information". This is the place where you will receive detailed information about our security certificate.

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